Shout out to The Real - DJ Khaled feat Meek Mill, Ace Hood, Plies

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Free Boosie, real n_gga
In the jail standing tall like Shaquille n_gga
I used to say, "I know how you feel, n_gga"
It's like a full time job not to kill n_ggas
Had my hood hating now they came up
I don't know if it's the money or the fake stuff
Got me walking through the jungle with my flame tucked
Got around my juries since they want to see me chained up
Friends turn to foes when you're in a row
Model b_tches turn to hoes cause a n_gga froze
Got them people taking pictures, let a n_gga pose
Cause I get paper reading scripts, you ain't getting shows
Poppin' bottles it sound like a mac-10
Better be soaked in it when I'm back in
I dropped a quarter milli on an Aston
And I ain't got an album, man, I got these n_ggas falling off
I'm gone

[Hook x2: Meek Mill]
Shout out to the real n_ggas (Salam)
And shout out to the real b_tches (Say what)
I'm popping bottles with my real n_ggas
It's like a full time job not to kill n_ggas

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Yeah, bought a chopper for my problems, that banana type
Seen a millie, now it's hard for me to sleep at night
I'm the type to flood the rollie like it's New Orleans
Bet that all my n_ggas ball like I'm Mr. Clean
From the bottom to the top, I made it out the gutter
I'm 17 on every scene I need my bread and b_tter
Used to run the streets, but now I'm running every summer
Right back on my bullsh_t like a Chicago lover
Feel like I'm jumping up out that phantom on my cocky ass
Know they hating, I just tell 'em kiss the paper tags
Still be with them pretty b_tches, save for Stacy Dash
Plus my rollie cost me 80, that's gon' make 'em mad
Free my n_ggas locked, free my n_gga caged
F_ck the system yeah you know we on the same page
N_ggas love it when you're drowning in that water, dawg
Hate to see a n_gga shining like some marmaro
Loyalty over royalty that's my common law
We The Best: the logo, and I'm with my f_cking boss
He just tell me murder n_ggas would think of Holocaust
Kill the hottest young'n in and what you n_ggas thought

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Plies]
They took a half of [?] n_gga out the bank n_gga
If you want to whip 'em p_ssy n_gga, blank n_gga
And I put that red dot right where you think n_gga
Hood n_gga still wearing cuban linx n_gga
I'm on the ave. n_gga riding in a cutlass
You that talking n_gga, you know you a p_ssy
A real n_gga, real life, no rap sh_t
And I can promise you this ain't what you want, b_tch
Dialed me and still ain't a real n_gga
'Cause I was to busy to gutter with the real n_ggas
When you see me in the field tell me how you feel n_gga
And we some kids to tell you that we the real n_gga
And they ain't telling none of my young n_gga to chill, n_gga
We all shooters, n_gga, and all us on the pills n_gga
Ain't got a yacht, but n_gga the size of Shaquille, n_gga
And before you try anything you better write your will, n_gga

[Hook x2]

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