56 Bars - DMX feat Swizz Beatz

I make moves that get me where I'm goin
Break fools that act like they ain't knowin how it's goin
Dizown, with the dizark, cuz that's that kid
Unmask that kid, look at that bastard kid
That don't mind having to break sh_t or take sh_t
And motherf_cker, if you ain't me you ain't sh_t
You f_ckin faggot
You know I coulda been stuck it to you
N_gga I wasn't even think about f_ckin wit you
But I bet now I know your man is thinkin twice bout who to f_ck wit
Sh_t is gettin bad, I'm robbin n_ggas I grew up with
And I know it's just a matter of time before I get shot
Or I'ma torture this n_ggas little sister and make him watch
Give a n_gga a little room, now he's tryin to house sh_t
But I bet you get back on some mouse sh_t
When I punch you in your mouth, b_tch
Aaaah, a n_gga broken off quick
Yelllckkk! [*gagging sound*], is the sound he makes chockin off d_ck
How you feel, eatin with a straw he has to s_ck through
F_ck me? No f_ck you, now I gotta touch you
F_ckin b_tch s_ckin d_ck like a jockstrap
Put them Glocks back
Tryin to be the first punk motherf_cker that shot back
Got that? Didn't Get? You know where you gonna be layin right?
I'm tellin you, hah, you know what the f_ck I'm sayin right?
You will respect this, cuz it gets reckless when I cut the
Dun-nun-Dun-nun-Dun-nun-Dun-nun, you be like "What the--Nooo!"
But it's too late cuz the heat-seaker done found the heat
The concrete done found your meat
Guts hittin the ground still hot from steam comin off
Eyes rolled back in his head, coughin up chunks of flesh
Then n_ggas'll roll with his monstrous death, beatin punks to death
Ain't nuthin left but the memory of what used to be your life
Funeral payments, and dried up blood on my knife
Y'all motherf_ckers don't understand, when it's on it's on
You up in the casket with some shades, cuz your eyes is gone
I know I'm wrong, that's why I did my dirt and slid
But you made it happen, with that bullsh_t you did
Now you want peace? Well take a piece of this ammunition
And get your ass drug out the Hudson by some old man fishin
My mission is almost complete
This message will self distruct in two seconds

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