Bath Salts - DMX feat JAY-Z & Nas

Haute is the living
Coca Cola's the sponsor (woo)
I run off with ya boo
Hov is a monster (oh)
Yeah, they like me like that (oh)
Every girl I see wanna be wifey like that
I'm the, king of Zamunda, uh
King of the summer
Come be my Kardashian
Queen of the come up, uh (wassup)
To be loved, Shakespearean
Experience, to be us
Jumpin' off boats
Hoppin' off another cliff (woo)
Every six months I think I need a new bucket list (oh)
Yeah, I think a might need a harem (sup?)
I'm way too much, ya'll should share 'em (hands in the air)
I'm feelin' like a baron, all I need is a castle
Be my Haley Berry, all you need is a catsuit
All I need is heaven, I don't want the hassle
God bless a child that can hold his own (Queens stand up)

My instincts guide me through this Curtis Blow culture (woo)
Good angel, bad angel sittin' on both shoulders (oh)
One be trynna gas me, manipulate me, tempt me
Make me have no soul
So I'd like to take a tally all in favor of the days when the paper wasn't major
But love was abundant
Before the God got the godson upon his stomach
Let these n_ggas know it was a feelin' I would get
From music that they would come with (talk to 'em Nas)
Hate start with H 'cause the H come after a G (right)
They won't say it face to face, they say it after I leave
After the first night at my place, she asked for the keys
It's my season, Garden of Eden we Adam and Eve
Now we naked and savage hedonism from a lack of belief (woo)
I ain't a pastor, pass the le fiet
We ain't in no relationship but do relationship things
No ring but she slide through when I ring (hands in the air)
Ha, let's put success to the side
I'd still be this fly if I worked at Popeye's
That's a whole lotta spinach, whole game full of gimmicks
Make a fool out of yourself for a post on Akademiks
We are not the same, I am an alien
Hoverin' over your city, shuttin' down all the stadiums (sup?)
Wipin' out everything in my radius, don't play with us
Ya'll ain't made enough

Sh_t pop off, we don't blow it up till we blow it up
Cats better slow it up
Ya'll n_ggas know wassup
My n_ggas throw it up, we all know that
Got n_ggas missin' in action, where are they at (sup?)
See you n_ggas never really been duffed out
But you got enough mouth to get snuffed out, doom (oh)
The rough route
We don't play around here n_gga, we grown
Start applyin' pressure, give a dog a bone (rah)
I'm takin' half, it's just that simple (damn)
Or I can start poppin' n_ggas like pimples
Imma let you call it, you ballin'
Till you get hit with them hot things, now you staggerin' and fallin' (oh)
Holdin' up the wall you got more than enough holes in you to fall
You just wastin' a n_gga time, c'mon man (ya'll n_ggas sweet)
I got sh_t to do, like hit your crew
Might hit ya girl
What that b_tch gon' do
Not a damn thing but, go with the program
Beastin that b_tch like Conan
Imma go where no man has ever gone n_gga
When it's on it's on, I'm lettin' you know in the f_ckin' song
I got nothin' to hide but you got a reason to run
Come through like
Till the squeezin' is done
That's just squeezin' one
Imagine if we all let go
Turn your whole block into death row (woo)

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