Bring The Noize - DMX

[Verse 1: DMX]
I'mma take it back to the sh_t talkin' slick talkin'
Slap a n_gga and call him my b_tch and keep walkin'
HALF Y'ALL n_ggaz is p_ssy
The other half of y'all n_ggaz is fake thugs so please don't push me
If we was in jail you'll be in the pool playin' in the air pressure
Leave you up on the stretcher n_gga I'm gon test you try your hand
When they carry you out I'ma tie your man
But these cats ain't built like your killed like
Blood gets spilled like poke a n_gga tonight
Bang bang HA! It hurts
The f_ck you screemin' on me for I'm puttin' in work
We leave more bodies then the bloods and crips
This is how it's goin' down n_gga thuggin' a b_tch
F_ck a n_gga wit we on the same bullsh_t y'all n_ggaz on lets get it on

[Hook] [2X]
You know how we roll n_gga bring the noise
Y'all don't wanna f_ck with them boys
Come on dog put away them toys
Cause I'ma put in a clip and you'll get yours

[Verse 2: DMX]
No matter how many cats he brought wit'um I'ma split'um
Hair raised on my back get low and hit'um
Stoped him dead in his tracks
Known damn well you ain't known me what you said in the past
Dogs don't know nothin' but bust that n_gga
Dogs don't nothin' but f_ck that n_gga
Dogs don't know nothin' but s_ck my d_ck
When it comes to what happened dogs don't know sh_t
Did two years in one night
I popped two pills in one flight
Two ears in one light, aiight, aiight
That's what it is FOLLOW
Too many thick live n_ggaz wanna SWALLOW
Follow my mans and them
And get popped with yo mans and them is what Im handin' them
It's hot things, drop things, stop things, drop things
Lookin' like a n_gga like hot wings

[Hook] [1X]

[Verse 3: DMX]
Been around the block did my dirt
Earl stiral put in work till it hurt
I've seen less p_ssy in a stripe club f_ckin' with y'all n_ggaz
That means all y'all n_ggaz
Most y'all cats don't know what ruthless means
Will you be able to survive the truth I've seen
Cats would'nt be alive if you was on my team
But the truth is the ride is rough ya mean
Got me like GOD what the f_ck
Dog gon bang somebodys getting' stuck
Back up the truck jump right the f_ck out on n_ggaz
Empty the five out on n_ggaz
Hush muthaf_ckas don't you cry
Dog gon make sure that you die
Point blank range so the slug go through
Then I'ma hit yo crib and pop yo family to N_GGA!!

[Hook] [2X]

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