Come Thru (Move) - DMX feat Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz

[Chorus: Swizz Beatz - 2X]
When I Come thru Everything gon' Stop
When I Come thru Everything gon' Stop
When I Come thru Everything gon' Stop
Now move.. move.. move.. move..

X comes thru the hood, like here comes trouble
Year of the dog again, first week double
Low in the rider, east coast n_gga
Fo' in the rider, street loc n_gga
Far for jiggie but like biggie b_tches call me big poppa
I got a big d_ck and I'd a pop her
Yea the kid talk sh_t but the kid don't front
How ever sh_t go "Give 'Em What They Want"
I ain't signing sh_t, love my fans
But Cross this line with the camera in your hands
Cause it could get real ugly real thick
And you like this n_gga ???? real quick
Motherf_ckin' right, I ain't got time for the small talk
One of us has got to go down, we can't all walk
You know this as well as I do
But I promise you, I'm go hide you and no one will find you

[Chorus] (Swizz Beatz)

[Busta Rhymes]
Stop n_gga, hold up, you know I don't quit
You see I'm back and I'm comin' to smash your sh_t
And ahhla back with the god and bus-a-bus n_gga
This time I'm Bringin' the shovel so I can come and dig another grave
For all of you bustards what the f_ck you think you doin'
I'll put a stop to your function and anybody movin'
And then I'll f_ck up production and any crew you flew in
You ain't with me, you against me, The loser side you chosen
Anyway, word to ears, you n_ggaz know I ain't finished
I'll F_ck up every hood, and I'm back to handle my business
You n_ggaz thinking you though like you ate a can of spinach
In till we mash on you faggots and make you change up your image
Flip mode in this b_tch, Ruff Ryders is with me
You see we back on the block and yes, we runnin' the city
Now you n_ggaz know the flow less ain't controlin' the committee
Nothing' should be movin' unless my crew in it, you fell me

[Chorus] (Swizz Beatz)

If there is money, I want half
N_ggaz is funny to watch, go head laugh
Ain't nothing to smile about
For real, all n_ggaz is wildin' out
N_ggaz who pound you out
We found you out in distance
Leg missin', head missin'
Something like 28 ??? missin'
And you know how the dessert do a n_gga
Brake you down quick, residue a n_gga
Can't stop the flow, N_ggaz stop and go
When ever I drop, a million out the door
Y'all n_ggaz know, X got to be f_cked with
Y'all run around on some dumb sh_t with a slump d_ck
F_ck a b_tch, you n_ggaz know I don't mind scrapping
When I see you I see you what ever happens, happens
This ain't just rappin', n_ggaz talk a good one
You know what let that go, see me in the hood son

[Chorus] (Swizz Beatz)

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