Comin' for Ya - DMX

Hey Mimi
Word? [dogs barking]
Get em boy.. get em boy!
Get em boy! Get em boy! Boyyyyyyy!
("There's nothin you can do...") [repeats in background]
[Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X)]

X is comin' for ya, can't do nothin for ya
Cause X is comin' for ya
Run, hide, duck, duck
We don't give a f_ck, f_ck

Look in the mirror (uh) say my name five times
Turn out the lights (WHAT?) then I done crooked nine lives
Don't get scared now n_gga, finish it cause you started it
Watch sh_t grow out of control, now you want no part of it (c'mon)
N_gga, where yo' heart at? Tell me what you made of
Already lost a stripe cause I know what you afraid of
We both know you p_ssy, but I ain't gonna say nuttin
Just hit a n_gga off, and you can stay frontin (uhh)
I gotcha back for now, till I cased the joint (what?)
Plus, give the Feds a real good place to point (what?)
and laced the joint, I ain't gonna front I had my hands full
Glad to be alive, but you like, that's that bull (grrrrr)
But now you know, what you get, when you f_ckin wit
cause you shoulda left alone, now you stuck in sh_t
Stuck in sh_t, til that headpiece gets BLAZED
Screamin this, ahh, cease to the grave
Its over, at least for you it is
It don't think the coroner, to see how true it is
I knew these kid, but did that stop me from gettin em, screamin
IT WAS ALL FOR THE MONEY, while I'm hittin and splittin him down
from his nose to his nuts (what?)
Fire department comin, put the hose to his guts (what?)
Washed away, just like dirt when it rains (uh)
And now because of you, I hurt when it rains (grrrrr)


My real name is Damien and my girl's name is Carrie
That Poltergeist b_tch is hot, but too young to marry
That n_gga Satan be fakin mad jacks so I taxed his ass
Every chance I get, is just another hit (uh, uh, uh, what?)
Another n_gga split; there go white meat - another n_gga
takin up room in the mall under a white sheet (c'mon)
That's what you get for wanna to take it there (uhh)
But with this Desert Eagle in your mouth
you cryin bout let's make it fair (uhh)
Sometimes it takes pain to make the brain a little smarter (uh-huh)
When I think the rain will stop, it only starts to rain harder (uh-huh)
Part of the game is n_ggaz wanna become fam-ous
and doin the same sh_t I do, remain nameless (uh, uh, uh, uh)
I want house money, Jag money (what?) so I gots ta bag money
I ain't laughin, but yo it's mad funny (c'mon)
I used to talk about that sh_t you got
but you ain't never got that sh_t when that sh_t get hot!
Runnin up in the spot with, two n_ggaz from Israel
Cause it is-real, you did squeal, now how you think yo' kids feel?
knowin you died a snitch, I look in yo' and see a b_tch
Wasn't surprised to see a switch (c'mon)
Let's make it quick, I got a flight at 6 goin to Pakistan
So let this n_gga know, I know he p_ssy, I'ma smack his man (uhh)
F_ckin Willie n_ggas and silly n_ggaz
I'd rather be eatin of a plate
with all them Baltimore and Philly n_ggaz (WHAT?)
Cause I done took about as much I can stand
A n_gga smilin in my face like they my motherf_ckin man
Aiyyo, it gets a lot worse, cause there's a curse (WHAT?)
that says, the reward for bein real, is the hearse
before you turn thirty, cause the dirty sh_t you did (uhh)
catches up and get you right when you thought you slid
It's gettin dark, and with the cold to the heart
You realize, you ain't gonna see your shorty
old enough to walk, for real


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