It's All Good - DMX

It's All Good
Love my n_ggaz, but wheres my b_tches?
I love my n_ggaz, but wheres my b_tches?
Love my n_ggaz, but wheres my b_tches?
I love my n_ggaz, but wheres my b_tches?


It's all good
It's alright
F_ck all day
F_ck all night
Call my b_tches, cause wherever I go, y'all my b_tches
East to the west coast, all my b_tches

Chickens is good for plucking
So I'm stickin' b_tches, f_ckin'
Got 'em trickin' while they s_ckin'
Give 'em d_ck and they ain't buggin'
I've done it all
From mackin' 2 hoes, on a three-way
Dominican hoes on B day
Country hoes in V-A
And they all say
The same about my game
It's tight
Thats why every night
A different group of b_tches start a fight
Over some d_ck that they don't even own
All I'm givin' them is the bone
Blowin' up a n_ggaz phone
But ain't nobody home
I'm in a zone
Tryin' to do things
But turns into a cruel thing
Whats up girlfriend, you game?
No wonder why
When I leave at night
It's cause I theive at night
I'm leavin' b_tches not breathin' right
I f_ck they head up with some slick sh_t
Hit 'em off with some long d_ck sh_t
Make it some quick sh_t, but rip sh_t
Then I'm out, just like the trash on a thursday
Knowin' she'd be givin' up the ass on the first day


Flocks of b_tches by the dozens
From sisters to cousins
Got 'em doin' sh_t they said they wasn't
Ever gonna do
Like knowin' I'd f_ck the b_tch that she was close to
Still gave up the ass and dough
She was supposed to
Pictures of b_tches
And flicks of chicks
Videos with the baddest hoes, s_cking d_ck
It's the dog in me that makes me do wrong
?? can't help but get strong
Cause the game is too strong
I like 'em greedy
Black like edi
Eyes beady
Willin' to give to the needy
I done ran through 'em all
From around the way b_tches
Outta state hoes
And even hitting gay b_tches
All I tell 'em is "let me get that"
Then it's on
Knock her mothaf_ckin' boots
And then I'm gone
I got the white b_tches sayin' "It's a black thing"
Cause I leave that hoe with no dough
And plenty back pain


B_tches who get props
Cause they know who can get got
And they can get shot
By the way ya n_ggaz flip drop
Walk up in the spot
Knowin' what she want
When hun wants the d_ckly
Hun comes and gets me
It's amazing
Does it get crazy
Known to be swayze
Cause thats daddy's baby
i keep them hoes in check
Like the government
Hittin' 'em off with nothin' but the d_ck
Snd they lovin' it
Huggin' it
Like it's they best friend
Cause it is
Word to mix
F_ckin' with tricks is just biz
I deal with strictly dimes
Got 'em commitin' they first crimes
Cause she s_ckin' d_ck for the first time
And ain't no secret
'Bout how i freak it
When it's sleek it
Never knew how I peeped it
Then creeped it
That's how I know this must be that sh_t
I tell them b_tches "i'll be back"
And they believe that sh_t

[chorus x4]

Love my n_ggaz, but wheres my b_tches?
I love my n_ggaz, but wheres my b_tches?
[repeat x4]

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