It's Personal - DMX feat Jadakiss, Styles P.

We all got guns, we all got dogs
We all gon' make that trip to the morgue
We all find it harder to see through the fog
We all know the difference between right and wrong
We should all live life by one fact
Before you doin dirt, the dirt gon' come right back
I seen cats go out like s_ckers
I seen cats get down like, "Yo, them some bad motherf_ckers"
I see fake n_ggaz and the games they play
Aiyyo, I deal with that bullsh_t e'ry day
But that ain't gon' stop me from doin what I'm doin
I got things beside bullsh_t to be pursuing
It's that craft for me, the half of me
Let through n_ggaz in the door after me
Yo, somebody stop me; please, somebody come and get me
If I go, I'm taking n_ggaz with me!

[Hook: Styles P.] - repeat 2X
Dog n_gga, Ghost n_gga
Hop the bar with the toast n_gga
It's like the Lord getting close n_gga
It's personal, now we gotta smoke n_ggaz
It's personal, now we gotta host n_ggaz

[Styles P.]
(Dog n_gga, what up!) N_gga f_ck the cop and the warrant
You get a chance, poppin, informing
All I need is a glock and I'm touring
Hit every hole in the wall, have me a ball
And then slide the f_ck out in the top of the morning
If you hear me cockin it on 'em, I'm poppin it on 'em
I don't f_ck around n_gga, better stop it and mourn 'em
And who the f_ck asked you to rhyme?
I'm the Ghost, when I come around, they throwing up the hazardous sign
And you ain't around chemicals, just around generals
Who spend, passing they time, blasting they nine
Rather die with my man then the five for ya livewire
Spend half of ya time, smashing ya spine
Other half we getting money and more money
You think about cars, I got "goin to war" money
That P and that dog money, we still in the front of the store, money
And if anybody slip, they getting sent to the morgue, money

[Hook w/ Jadakiss adlibs] - repeat 2X

It's like lately I've been feeling so weak at the knees
And speaking to n_ggaz is just like speaking to thieves
So I keep the hawk ready to eat 'em
Guess already? Then meet 'em
I'm fair game, but I'm ready to cheat 'em
The streets ain't right now, the Colgate White is light brown
These n_ggaz ain't nice, they nice clowns
That's why I'ma start layin them right down
And have 'em there layin in the casket, ice down
Jacob watch on 'em, mortician must've been hazed up
'Cause you can see the makeup spots on 'em
This is way beyond ya Avion
The Golden King, more like Polo Spring
And what makes it even worse, aiyyo it's that it's personal
Maybe even ya Earth can go
I'll make it where they can never find the b_tch
Right outta the bar, with all kind of sh_t

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Outro: Styles P.]
Yeah, y'all n_ggaz can get caught up in the hype if you want
Bodies drop over here, this is not a game man
You wanna get caught up in the hype again? Then you can fall in the hype again
This is a movement, Double R, n_gga you know what's up
And if you don't, you gon' get to know what's up
Yeah, we ain't playin wit' y'all n_ggaz this year
'06, '07, and on, n_gga what's up?
Pop off! You know how I work!

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