We Bout to Blow - DMX

{*repeat 3X*}
Def Jam Yeah!! (come on)
Ruff Ryders Yeah!! (come on)

[Chorus: DMX - repeat 2X]
Bloodline, we bout to blow (WHAT!)
Ruff Ryders, we bout to blow (WHAT!)
Vacant Lot, we bout to blow (WHAT!)
Man, b_tch-ass n_ggaz just don't know

[Verse 1: DMX]
I'm just gonna stick to the script cuz you know how that sh_t go
Quick to the flip dog, kitten don't let go
Get that sh_t yo, wrong or right me
Dog for life and its on tonight
Y'all n_ggaz make money, money, money
My N_ggaz take money, money, money
Bloodline, get down cuz I love mine
I can put my life on the line at least one time
Cats don't know nothing, but show frontin
I'm a pump pump it up like Joe Budden
Dark Man, bang your head with the walk man
Tryna holla at shorty, you still tryna talk man
Sometimes n_ggaz is worse than the b_tches
So I'm a holla at you, but first with the stitches
Cats don't know who you f_cking with
'til you f_cking with X and you stuck in sh_t


[Verse 2: Big Stan]
Yo Grease I need this beat, no disrespect
I just got some sh_t I need to get off my chest
Look around and I see the rap game is a mess
So many chromes, now they getting me vexed
Upset and insane in how the game gonna change sh_t
Sounding the same, and it's a ma f_cking shame
While lames think they flow so sick, getting excited
Yeah they got a sick flow, its called the "Young Hoe Virus"
BUT, let me fall back into character
B got so hot, never been an amateur
Ask the locals, Boy its Lo-Co
Never Stop my flow, wanna go pro, you know
Check the history, started with the R's
Now I'm running with the line, four time, no mystery
Dog, tryna position me to get in the door
But since the door don't open wide enough, we rippin it off


[Verse 3: DMX]
Dog, gonna be Dog, that's how I get down
Step up, n_gga, sit down, put your sh_t down (AIGHT!!!)
Clowns ain't even built for the circus, I'm about to pop this n_gga
(DOG, It ain't worth it)
TAHHHH, yeah you right, soon as your man make it dead at night
I'll be there, aight?? (then what??)
Everything stops, money turns on the light, and Pa Pop Pop Pop!!!

[Big Stan]
None stop shots ringing out, cowards hit the ground
I came to get down if you came to get down
Blow the pound up, n_ggaz wanna what with us
Bloodline and the dog I trust, so for the dog I bust
That thang, catch me while I'm up in the truck with that thang
Dog get the word, it's a must that I bang
And trust me, I'm gonna do my motherf_ck'n thang


Yeah! Come on man, ya n_ggaz don't know what the f_ck this sh_t is!

Gutter {*repeat 4X*}

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