Lay Your Hands on Me - Dolly Parton

Lay Your hands on me
Lay Your hands on me
Lay Your hands on me

Lord, I'm ready, I'm willing
And You're able
To feel my empty cup at the
Master's table

Cause I'm thirsty,
I'm hungry, my eyes aching
You say your love is mine
For the taking

Lord, what I am is
Exactly what you see
And I'm asking you to rescue me

Forgive of my sins and set me free
Lord, if you want me then
Lay Your hands on me


I'm a sinner, I'm a looser, I'm a seeker
I need to learn to live, Lord, you're the teacher
Show me how to get my feet up off the ground
Teach me how to fly and never come back down

Everything you are is all I need
And your satisfaction is guaranteed
You sacrificed it all to set me free
So, if you want me


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