High Powered - Dr. Dre feat RBX, Dat Nigga Daz, Lady Of Rage

[Intro: Dr. Dre (Lady Of Rage)]

Yo yo whut sup?
Yo man, give me some of that ol' gangsta sh_t, y'knowhutI'msayin?
Some sh_t I can just kick back to, smoke a fat ass joint to
YouknowhutI'msayin? He hahahahahahaha
Hell yeah! You know what I'm talkin about?
I like that ol' gangsta sh_t
Cuz you know it's a lot of n_ggas out there
woofin all that bullsh_t talkin 'bout they got this and got that
Talkin louder than a motherf_cker but ain't sayin sh_t
Heh y'knowhutI'msayin?
(Dem come witta, dem come witta, dem come wit da wickedness)
Yeah n_gga I see your lips quiverin
But you ain't sayin a motherf_ckin thing
For my n_ggas, I got my n_ggas in the motherf_ckin he-ouse
and they gon' tell yo' what's really goin on
Got my motherf_ckin n_gga RBX...definitely in this motherf_cker
I got my n_gga Daz in this motherf_cker ready to kick some real sh_t
And that lil' sh_t cha hear in the background, that's my homegirl Rage
So RBX kick this sh_t

Seven execution style murders
I have no remorse cuz I'm the f_ckin murderer
Haven't you ever heard of a killer?
I drop bombs like Hiroshima
So now I walk around strapped
One-time bust they caps and watch n_ggas collapse
Snap! Adapt to this but you need no adapter
This is just the first chapter
in a book from a crook
You get caught slippin yo' ass gots ta die
N_gga, tell me what the f_ck you figure?
Trigger? Happy RBX to cap ya
POP POP and I can't wait to bust a pound
POP POP my hollow points smacks the clown
Cuz what I said split his head
And now they got me runnin from the feds
But I refuse to go alive
It's kill or be killed, that's how real n_ggas survive
I'm high powered!

[Outro: Dat N_gga Daz]

It's Daz that mass-murderin motherf_cker
So what you feel like you wanna get caught up?
Fool you better recognise
Death Row came to chastise
So if you cross the Row
Remember the first name is Death
No love for the other side

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