A Milli (Freestyle) - Drake

Yeah, its drizzy baby
Ah Ha uhh I'm ready, alright J fresh I gottem

Look, I'm really the heir to the fortune of a millionaire
Talking money with me is really unfair
At the border like 'I swear
I have nothing to declare
I am nothing like these other n_ggas coming out this year'
Even if you never meet me you can tell I'm on the same sh_t
Loyal as a mother f_cker nobody be saying sh_t
Dope boys know me cause I often speak they language
So well spoken man I should have went to Camebridge
y-o-u-n-g ho
women they can be so
motivated by money that's why they be on me for
ask your favorite rapper homie guarantee that he know
if he is the one I'm the zero, damn
please comprehend I am a surf club general
I'm mr consistent I have never come in intervals
you don't want be caught in the middle like a centre fold
im comitten suicide if we ever identical
click clack pow how u like a n_gga now?
in control of my domain
they can do what I allow
and I know Toronto miss me imma be home in a minute
that's my city and I run it you just run around in it
they see me out in person and say I aint herd you sing yet
the world is my playground dont f_ck with my swiiiing set
we get the pitching then thats when it gets to piling
im calling your bluff don't act like you can't see me dialing
im in, low cut Louis with them hard denim jeans an a beige jacket
hands down the best in my age bracket
holla at me

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