I'm Lost Without You - Drake

(Drake: )

Kush roll,
Glass full,
I prefer the better things,
N***a's with no money act like money isn't everything,
I'm having a good time,
They just trying to ruin it,
Shout out to the fact that I'm the youngest n***a doing it,
Cap on,
Brim bend, Denzel every time,
She ain't trying pop that s**t for pimp,
Okay well never mind,
I... tried to told you drizzy still ain't nothing nice,
Braces saying you should quit, (?)
Cars saying f**k your life,
Okay, now we outta here,
Toddles to you bi****s,
And if you dolled up,
I got the vudu for you bi****s,
Yeah... I'm busy getting rich,
I don't want trouble,
I made enough for two n***a's
Boy, stunt double,
Famous like a drug,
That I've taking to much of,
But I never ever trip,
Just peace, happiness, and love,
I got money in these jeans,
So they fit me kind of snub,
Plus the game is in my pocket,
N***a, this is what i does

(Chorus: )
I'm about whatever man,
F**k what they be talking bout,
They ain't playing; doesn't count, (?)
We the only thing that matters,
So we do it how we do it,
All up in yo' face,
Man I hate to put you threw it,
I be up all night,
Whole crews in here,
Cause I don't really know who I'mma lose this year,
Man I love my team (x2)
I would die for them n****a's

(Nicki Minaj: )

If drizzy say get her...
I'mma get her,
I got that kind of money,
Make a broke b**** bitter,
I got that kinda (sniff),
Wait... wait fix sate (?),
Which b**** you know made a million off of mixtapes,
That was just a keep sake,
Brought the president the louis presidential briefcase,
Never been a cheap skate,
We got the hawks,
I ain't talking bout the peach state,
Man for Pete's sake...
Scratch that sweep stakes,
F**k I look like h-e,
I look like yes, and you look like no,
I'mma bad b****,
I ain't never been a mixed breed,
On a diet, but I'm doing donuts in t

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