Lust For Life - Drake

I'm tryin do it all tonight
I got plans
I got a certain Lust for Life
And as it stands
Everything is going as right as it can
They tryin to shoot down my flight before it lands..
Before it lands
But you could miss with all that
Diss me then crawl back
I really wish ya'll would fall back
But getting rich s'posed to solve that
And these days women make offers and who the hell am I to say
My ex sendin late night text cause she don't know how to let go..go..go
Uh she in love
And as for the pretty light skin models standin in the cold ah yeah they with us
Let them girls in for a drink and I'm all in they ear
Sayin she should be the one I see every time that I'm here
But when am I really even here
Black suburban with the tint on it
Fresher than a pillow with a mint on it
The game got these old hand prints on it
But Imma be the one to pour cement on it
Uh and start over
Show up in a Margiela tux
I don't really give a f**k
And we only gettin older
So what I tend to do is to think of today as the past
Its funny when you comin in first
But you hope that you last
You just hope..that it lasts

Throw ya ones up in the air (5x)

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