Stunt Hard - Drake

I did it all on my own, turned a chair to a throne, I'mmma king and that's why I(stunt hard)
I put my whole city on to some things that they never wouldve known if I didn't(stunt hard)
And every night is a premiere(yea), and if I ever dissappear(look) best believe I'm comin' back(stunt hard) got rich went broke and got rich again(yea), on that same sh_t again(alright) all I ever do is(stunt hard)

[Verse 1: Drake]
I tell her, I'm gettin' muhf_ckin' busy, so many spins my records is muhf_ckin dizzy, haters wanna turn to they girl and be like "Who is it? " but I bet a million she tell you that's muhf_ckin DRIZZAKE, and I'm focused on my survival, keep an eye on the door, focused on my arrival, who do you look up to when ya better than ya idols and how you 'posed to look when you do it with ya eye's closed I'm every thing you just havent become, I spend my time trynna out do what hasnt been done and hopefully live to see what they say that I'm gone be and if not I hope future does in the memory of me get yo team in order assembely is key and all my n_ggas shudder at the metion of a plea they rather be aprehended and keep quiet then to be on a stand jepordizin a inch of they loyalty "pick a lane, pick a lane" that's all I ever heard but I'm just trynna swerve without hittin the curb that's why I spend thousands on bottles so I can pop them and take photos with hater n_ggas and crop them I am not them I photo shop them out cause they don't understand what I'm bout yea, the chris paul of this fall sittin this tall I float high, goodbye I will miss ya'll ha


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne)
If I don't do nothin' I'm a stunt my ass off, money sittin in the pocket bout to get a pass off, and I smoke that sh_t that smell like when you take ya cast off, and I got them beach b_tches like david hassel hoff, baby I'm a acrobat, sweetie I'm a stunt devil, you can't get on my level cause I am so unleveled, I'm a young rebel and I got a baby face, I need a young pebbles, I need a stunt double yea me, drake, and kid and you know it's trouble, we got em' drownin in the flow you see em' blowin bubbles yea I stick my lannin in a freak draws, I have her bouncin back like dominique daws, yea, but I ain't stuntin' these hoes, I been pimpin since hulk hogan was NWO, yea, I'm wild, drizzy tough, and the kid vicious, the three horsemen we just need sid vicious, yea, I'm on a cup of that tilt, and if ya hatin' on me I say f_ck ya like will, yea, I'm a WILDER BEAST, you just a wilderbeast, my two fingers make a gun and shoot and kill ya piece, yea, talkin' big big sh_t, I am rude I take food from a kid big nick n_gga, yea and we can bang like bumper cars, you know I stunt sh_t cause I write all stunna bars, ha ha


[Verse 3: KID KID]
I stunt hard(and harder) I stunt harder, boy they call me jackie chan in new orleans, I ball hard so I'm a ball hogger, and I go hard in my dunk like vince carter, I hustle harder, I live in tha carter, I think far when all I see is tomorrow, I need meat I'll turn ya shop into a horror, so if you trynna see more better feed me, I'm back on my grizzy like, izzy? the gurr, don't he look like a black grizzly in black fur, and the fans'll never get me like a backwards password, black spergoats, I'm like pacman, casper, vanilla ice got em' hangin' over the banister ask her am I the man the answer is yessir sh_t, I'm tourin state to state I played the all T-A in bout a quarter day now tell them b_tches!

I did it all on my own(HA!) turned a chair to a throne I'm a(KID KID) king and that's why I (stunt(YOUNG MONEY!) hard),
I put my whole city on)(KID KID) to some things that they never wouldve known(WEEZ F!) if(DRAKE!) I didn't (stunt hard)
And every night is a premiere(MACK I SEE YA N_GGA) and if I ever dissappear best believe I'm comin' back (stunt hard) got(YEA) rich went broke and got rich again on that same sh_t again(HA! HA!) all I ever do is (stunt hard)

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