Swagger Like Us - Drake

Are u listenin is anybody listenin
Walk into a room and u can smell the Clive Christianson
Alot of n_ggaz is threatened by my positioning
Thrilling bars u think I'm writing with JOhn Grisham pen
I need rosé never mind the pricing
Know we brought cake to the party no icing
No ice on big phantom no license
F_ck if your feeling me as long as yo wife is
No one in my city got a pocket like drizzy
I can rock fendi jeans cause my credit card skinny
It's pitch black and covers all incidental
And ms. wrong sorry u ain't notice my potential
F_ck ya'll rappers and your self-proclaim status
I can only see green now happy St. Patty's
I know you waitin on a last quote
Check the soundscan and u can see that I'm the last ho

By the way I'm jewish and turnin 22
Gets depressing wen u see yo favorite rappers goin thru it
Tryna re-invent themselves showin no improvement
Gettin crushed by this lite skin youngen on sum new sh_t
40 just record it and we'll drop this here
Cause I'm tryin f_ck meagan fox this year
And if u got a stylist ta cop u gear
U in my age bracket u not my peer
Yea f_ck u really no about a eames couch
Frette sheets perfect touch 2 a clean house
Wide awake but a n_gga living yo dreams out
Lookin like a photo shoot eveytime the teams out
And is the realest n_gga still I
A women could love me 2 death but I'll still die
So I'm about us now
Smith and wesson flow u should tell them boys duck down

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