Little Pony and The Great Big Horse - Drive-By Truckers

Little pony and great big horse went out in a great big truck
great big horse could trot real fast, little pony he could not.

Great big horse could run so fast for so much of his great big life,
great big world he was runnin' in was getting smaller all the time.

But, little pony still saw the great big world just like it was,
Big and funny, lookin', lookin' through big horse's dust.

When little pony caught great big horse he said "what is this I see?"
Great big horse said "I don't know, slow down you, follow me."

Great big horse said "over there's a hill I used to climb."
He took little pony up to the top and they looked down at the lights.

Great big horse said "I ain't seen these lights in so dang long,

I'm sure glad that they're still here, I'd hate it if they's gone."

Little pony snorted and jumped strait up into the air,
great big horse said "settle down" even though he did not care.

Climbin' all those hills made little pony's legs so strong,
he could get to the top 'fore the great big horse knew what was going on..

Great big horse he blamed his great big brown eyes once or twice.
by the time he blinked and saw again, little pony was out of sight.

Little pony and great big horse went out in a great big truck.
Great big horse laid down to rest little pony he did not.

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