Out on The Town - Dropkick Murphys

Me and the gang, we were out on the town in my uninsured '88
It's time to get Maggie down at the bar
She said "Don't you punks dare be late!"

It was Saturday night on Hilltop Street
And everybody's dressed to spill
They were havin' a time for Mary O's boy Barry
Who had recently been jailed
In the back on the bar, they were sure havin' fun
Everybody made some room
She got out of the chair, threw her fist in the air
And the whole place started to move

So get up, get up and get with the music
Everybody out of your seat
So get up, get up and get with the music
Maggie's got a brand new beat

Tiny was Santa, Red's at the door
And the Old Brigade's starting to play
Maggie's playing tricks on a few of the boys
She'll take your worries and your wallet away
Johnny Mac took a slap from a few older brothers
When he wouldn't dance with Big Marie
But it wouldn't be long 'til they were singing along
With the girl they all came to see

[Chorus: x2]

She was handsome, she was mean
She smoked two packs a day since she was 17
A leather face and many a vice
She had a sharper tongue than a butcher's knife
(Look out!)

She's out past curfew with the boys in the band
Throwing one last farewell toast
Then she's up with Father Dorin
At mass in the morning handing out the Holy Ghost

[Chorus: x2]

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