Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For - Duran Duran

I came over your place today in a round-about sort of way
Nothing holding me just the company gentle killing of the afternoon

Don't ever try to be anymore Michael you've got a lot answer for
You unlocked some of the doors to my soul

And I don't see you for awhile thinking of you will make me smile
You never bother me with responsibilty misbehaving in candlelight

Don't ever try to give anymore Michael you've got a lot to answer for
You got me waking up right to the world

Trust you to get caught up in somebody's war you'll come out of it all intact I'm sure
Just remember what friends were put here for
Micheal you've got a lot to answer for and I know that you're gonna call if you need me
When you need me, if you need me

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