Each Time - E-17

Have you heard of the saying for those who are playing.
You don?t know what you?ve got till it?s gone
Well that was my calling. I knew I was falling.
Into something that would be so wrong

But I caught hold of myself and changed for the better.
I can?t get you out of my mind.
Cos something inside made me realise you were fine

* Each time when we?re alone, I guess I didn?t know
How far we were apart. Should?ve spoken to my heart
I guess I didn?t know that each time you?d go away I?d cry.
I can?t take all these good-byes

I know from this feeling. Deep inside there?s a healing.
I know that I?m in control
Every day I am yearning. This love I feel burning.
Burning right through my soul

So let?s make a start of something that can not be broken
The mould is so strong, treat this love like a child.
That grows into something worthwhile

[Repeat *]

Deep, love so deep, deep love so deep, yeah.
I can?t take all these good-byes
Faithfully I will be. You will see. Please believe me.
I can?t take all these good-byes

[Repeat *]

All the time we were alone. Guess I should?ve really known.
Baby you have always been mine (x2)

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