And - Eden

And this is just another sad song
I can't deny that I've been needing one
And that the world is always our fall
And we did nothing, how did we do wrong
And I've been thinking that when we thought
The world would break us out we weren't wrong
But it's just never been the world outside
And sonder kind of has me terrified

And I'm so sorry I can't find the time
Spent all my days over-preocupied
And I've been thinkin' 'bout how I'd react
If you were me and I was ghosted at
And I know I should try more
But I've been so caught in my own small sh_t that I can't see
That's nothing around me here

But I've been trying really f_ckin' hard not to try so hard
Really f_ckin' hard just to let go
Really f_ckin' hard not to try so hard
Realize I have nowhere left to go

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