Babylon - Edguy

[music & lyrics: Tobias Sammet]

In a world of hate pollution
we can't breathe anymore.
We've to leave and this time you,
the pawn, have won.
On our quest for nowhere island
we set off to the sea.
You call surrender what we call
a calm before the storm...

Pounding thoughts of home they make me know:
"I will return! I don't live my life for you,
it's too short to get burned.
Stand upright and face the wind!"

Time to go back where I belong...
No one can prevend me from
raising towers in Babylon.

You only can love me if you can convert me
to attitudes of your brain.
You blame us for doing things
that you don't know.
You tell me what you'd do if you were me but you are you and I am I
Lucky you, but this time I say: "No!"

Pounding thoughts of home they make me know: "I will return!".
I don't want to hurt you but you'll have to learn:
You are you and I am I!!!


Oh yeah...

(...and like the vision of my urge to salvation told me,
I built up a tower to widen my horizon, whatever they might say...)

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