Bitter and Twisted - Edwin McCain feat Pete Riley, Larry Chaney

A born killer, a bitter and twisted, taking it out on your mother and sister
A white lie, I've been a bad boy, does anyone one know the way out of the freak show?
A killjoy, a Johnny come lately, he's taking my fame, driving me crazy
A child star messing with fire, guns in my hand and I'm walking the wire

Could it be, I'm not worth saving?
Do you see, any redemption for my soul?
I believe, I can make it
When the darkness comes, down on me

Outside, Dakota building
The walrus cried out, but no one was listening
He said, "Happiness is a warm gun."
Give peace a chance, it will work in the long run


So wasteful and distasteful
What can we destroy

Down on, down on, down on me

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