Butterfly - Elizabeth Weiss feat Sarah Woodard, Laren'ce and Stella

CHORUS: B_tterfly
Is everything I need
I want you
To love me
You make me go go go so high
I am a pretty little b_tterfly

Baby when you touch me
I know that you love me
I wanna spread my wings
I just wanna sing

Honey when you kiss me
Everything is dismal and I
Love you


So when it's dark and cold
And I'm all you know
The other girls are jealous
Cause they're not like me
Oh can't you see

B_tterflies are pretty
Spread your wings and listen
I'm a b_tterfly to me


Oooh b_tterfly
Oooooh pretty little winged b_tterfly

[Fade out]

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