Satellite - Elliott Smith

Steven Paul Smith was born on August 6, 1969 to Bunny and
Gary Smith, who were then living in Omaha, Nebraska. About
a year later Elliott's parents decided to divorce. Bunny
moved to Texas, taking with her Elliott, who was raised in
the Duncanville area (near Dallas).

Asked about his earliest memory, he once replied: "Playing
on a gravel embankment next to a highway in Dallas. I found
a turtle, picked him up and he peed on my hand."

Technology was a challenge to which he rose at an early
age. "My first memory," he recalled on another occasion,
"is of breaking the TV by repeatedly flicking the volume
and turning the set on and off. I was three. It was the
first piece of electronic equipment I was ever allowed to
operate. The first day I was, I broke it." He added

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