B Movie - Elvis Costello

I found america had another corner of my wallet
it's a well kept secret, thought that I had better swallow it
thought they'd make me spit out the truth
before they find you're lying about your youth

b movie that's all you're to me
just a soft-soap story
don't want no woman to act on me
you can't stand it when it goes to reel to reel to reel to reel
you can't stand it when I throw punch lines, you can't feel

all the time there's rule book in pretending
there's no one in the wings
and everybody's on the make
it's not your heart I want to break

turn out the lights I'm thinking that I want to go to sleep now
but just give me a promise that I'm supposed to keep now
I don't want some fool asking me why
when I find you're finally making me cry


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