Crycrycry - Elvis Costello

Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down
They say you only live to see the lights of town
I wasted my time when I would trytrytry
'Cause when the lights have lost their glowyou'll crycrycry

Soon your sugar-daddies will all be gone
And you'll wake up some cold day and find you're alone
You'll come to me but I'm gonna tell you byebyebye
When I turn around and walk awayyou'll crycrycry

You're gonna crycrycry and you'll cry alone
When everyone's forgotten and you're on your own
You're gonna crycrycry

I lie awake at night and wait till you come in
You stay a little while and then you're gone again
Every question that I askI get a lielielie
For every lie you tellyou're gonna crycrycry

When your fickle little love gets oldno one will care for you
You'll come back to me for a little love that's true
I'll tell you no and you're gonna ask me whywhywhy
When I remind you of all of thisyou'll crycrycry

You're gonna crycrycry and you'll want me there
It'll hurt when you think of the fool you've been
You're gonna crycrycry

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