Girls Talk - Elvis Costello

There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder
I thought I heard you mention my namecan't you talk any louder ?
Don't come any closerdon't come any nearer
My vision of you can't get any clearer
Ohi just want to hear girls talk
I got a loaded imagination being fired by girls talk
But I can't say the words you want to hear
I suppose you're going to have to play it by ear
Right here and now

Girls talk and they want to know how
Girls talk and they say it's not allowed
Girls talkif they say that it's so
Don't you think that I know by now

That the word up on everyone's lips
Stick that you're dedicated
Though you may not be an old fashioned girl
You're still going to get dated
Was it really murder ?
Were you just pretending ?
Lately I have heard you are the living end

Girls talk and they wanna know about her
Girls talkthey wanna know if I care
Girls talk and they wanna know where
Girls talk girls talk

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