Shamed into Love - Elvis Costello

(Written by Elvis CostelloSubmitted by Craig Ciccone)

I fearmy dear
We've forgotten the things strangers do
If we could look back
To the terrible thrill that we knew
Am I imagining a world without you?
Must we be shamed into love?

What can I say?
Will you pardon my stupid embrace?
Sometimes I'm desperate
While you're wiping the smile from your face
Am I surrenderingor am I replaced?
Must we be shamed into love?

Shamed into love
You're once a fool for having it
Twice for letting it go
Somewheremy lovethere's a feeling deep inside of me
That I can't let go
Ohyou'll never know

But thenmy darling
I've forbidden myself to confess
I've looked around now
But I always return to your face
In a world where everything
I once cursedI bless
It must be you who shamed me into love

Must we be shamed into love?

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