Wave a White Flag - Elvis Costello

Take off your shoes, hang up your wings
Stack up the chairs, roll up the rug
Savour the things that sobriety brings
Drainin' the last from a jug

But when I hit the bottle there's no tellin' what I'll do
'Cause something deep inside me wants to turn you black and blue
I can't resist you, I can't wait
To twist your lovin' arms 'til you capitulate

Beat me in the kitchen and I'll beat you in the hall
There's nothin' I love better than a free-for-all
To take your pretty neck and see which way it bends
But when it is all over we will still be friends

Wave a white flag, put away the pistol
Too many people just can't get kissed
But if there's nothin' I can do to make amends, baby
Hope you don't murder me

Oh, was it all right or was it OK?
I'll make it all up to you someday
Oh but you didn't have to laught that way
Oh no you didn't have to laught that way


Gee baby, hope you don't murder me

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