I Am Waves - Emarosa

My hands lie in vain
I won't let go but I'll walk away
but I've got this fear of flying
I'll pick myself up off the floor
I'm still standing, I'm holding on this time
I won't let you go this time
I'll let it fall apart and watch you tremble
I'm watching the world as they're pulling you down
It's better to believe, I know its better to believe
Nothing can stop this from happening
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you need?
I watched you shaking, calling out for me
Could it get any better? Better to believe
I think it's getting better, better to agree
Is this what you call home?
As you turn it around, I'll know you'll never mean it
You'll never get the hope that you deserve
It's no surprise that the air keeps you still
On this stable ground that once shook so lightly

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