Failed Destiny - Eminem

In Love I just wanna hold my baby high above
I want this hand in its rightful glove
have people saying god damn shes fine
me responding with damn right shes mine
Even though your gone, I try and carry on
Its sad but its true, me and you
were through
but people still think they know us and they dont know sh_t
but i want you to know im sorry and i still love you britt
but now ive come to see, our destiny will never fit
and thats why now i look back being once lost then found
Its getting tougher with you not around
your the only thing that got me to smile
i guess our love was a truthful denile
sometimes i remenice at what we had
not knowin i was causing my baby to be sad
I never once tried to cause you this pain
its crazy how one person can make u go insane
Ill admit me and you we had our bad times
we fought, yea but people act like its a f_ckin crime
no couples perfect, everyone faces bullsh_t
all i ever tried was to show you i loved you britt
but its sad cause the image i portray the pieces dont fit
All this time how could it be, my destiny will never be you and me
But i wish people could see, how much im so crazy
in love with you, its true i wish it was still me and you
doin what we use to do, i wish they really knew
and i wish theyd know id never let anything bad happend to you
i got your back to the fullest, baby nems one to stay truest
but times were tough, and sh_t got rough
every other day same sh_t breakin up and we fought
But just know britt my rhymes are true
Britt please know ill forever Love you
It just s_cks cause theres a few out there that got Nems back
people always tellin me get your f_ckin life on track
But in order to do that i need you back
and thats why you dont know what you got till its gone
Im so sorry that our love was always off and on....

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