Ken Kaniff (Skit) - Eminem

Uuuhoh, yeah

Oh, s_ck it
Oh, f_ck yu
Oh, Shagy
Oh, this is why they call you two dope ain't it
Oh, f_ck yu
Oh, take it out, take it out!
Oh, now give something to Jay

Oh, violent Jay

Wait don't bite it

Don't be violent with it

now just s_ck it

nice and slow, yeah

oh oh f_ck yu

you got oh

now give it back to Shagy

he was s_cking it better

Oh, now say my name

Eminem, say my name, Eminem


Ohh f_ck you guys

Gi-give me my d_ck back

F_ck you guys

If you want Eminem you can Have Eminem

F_ck you guys (Ken) I'm on leaving (no)

(Kenn wait, oh damn)

(Nice going Shagy)

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