Soldier (the Goat Remix 1st verse) - Eminem

Never Had A Dog Just Infatuated With Goats
Was A Virgin Till I Stuffed My Cock In One Of Their Throats
But Billy Goat Had A Thang
For S_cking My Wang
And I Could Hold On To His Horns
When I Decided To Bang Him
I Tried To Threesome Once With Sheep
But Their Holes Were Not Deep
Lambchop Was Too F_ckin Shallow So I Said
"B_tch Cant You See You're not The One For Me
And It's True That I Will Never Love You"
And I Feel It's Part Of My Obligation To Fulfill
The Fantasies Of A Goat And To Make His Dreams Come Real
No Hesitation Ain't No Problem For Me To Get Laid
And I Feel Safe F_cking Goats Because I Know I Wont Get AIDS
If You Can Catch It-Screw It
If It Feels Good Do It
Being Fashionable Will Leave It Full Of Jizz
So Make Him S_ck Until You're Empty
If You Tempt Me I'll Push Goat P_ssy
And I'll Give That Lil Goat Pecker A Good Squeeze

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