The Pain - Eminem

My name is Slim Shady
Yo im lil like that Kim lady
When i be steppin to this mic just like a M-80
Im blowin up the spot and i rock right off the top
Rappers dont wanna believe to everything that ima drop
Its always gunna be hot wether you like it or not
Blow the shpyrogen spot
Cuz im nitrogen hot
Rappers try to step
To this weight that ive kept
Just rep up
Any rapper thats wants to test step up
Cuz i could come off of the top or with written
Im ishin'
I wanted to say that the real way but im straight written
Bustin' killin' when im flushin these rappers im bum rushin
Blood runs gushin comin out of your brain
Rappers know im insane
They dont wanna step to this cuz they dont wanna feel the pain

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