Untitled - Eminem

Nah man, not quite finished yet...

Girl I think,
you just mighta just try-ta pull a muhf_ckin fast one I'm mad
You just hurt my god damn feeling, and that was the last one I had
Does this look like an arcade, trying to play games, see the saw blade
See the silhouette, of a stalker in your walk way, better cooperate
Or get sautéed, and rotisserie, while you're hog tied
MCs get so quiet, you can hear em all f_cking dog whistle when I walk by
Colt Seavers on a mule, stuntin on that ass like the f_ckin fall guy
I don't gas my Mercedes after midnight, I treat like a mogai
Cuz it will turn into a gremlin and run over kids women & men
Vrrrrrn vrrrn! motor so big you can fit a midget in its engine
B_tch gimme them digits while your cringin'
Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin,
Will I spen-spend even ten cents on you
Since when do you think it's gonna cost me a pretty penny
Sh_t if I think a penny's pretty,
Just image how beautiful, a quarter is to me
Ee-nee-mee-nee-my-nee-moe, catch an esquimaux by his toe
While he's tryin to roll a snowball but, don't make him lose his cool
If he hollers better let him go ya'll

Get up baby get a move on, like a u-haul
You can rack your brain like pool balls
You won't ever think of this sh_t, yeah honey you called?
Well here I come, havoc on the beat, I wreak it
Evil, I see hear and speak it
Lady put your money on shady, f_ck that other weak sh_t
Put your eggs in the same basket,
You can count every motherf_ckin chicken 'fore it hatches
Cuz, you can bet your ass that, we gonna get it crackin
Like the Kraken & Titans, when they clash and,
Get your brains bashin so bad,
You gonna have Kurt Cobain asking to autograph on a blood stained napkin
Unfashionable, about as rational as a rash on a fag's asshole
Now let's take that line, run it up the flag pole with Elton
See if he's cool with it, don't stand there and look stupid at me b_tch
I ain't in the mood for the sh_t, gif my d_ck, Google it till it pops up
Ya'll are so motherf_ckin full of sh_t that your stocked up
Me, I'm always sh_ttin diarrhea at the mouth,
Till your speakers crap out (pthhhhp)
Ha, what? girl you got a hot b_tt, like a lit cigarette
But you won't get a hot fudge Sunday from me,
So do not strut my way sl_t, because...

And now that I got your panties in a bunch and your bowels in an uproar
I'ma show you why I came, so you stop asking me what the f_ck for
Not look you little sl_t-cunt-whore, I know you want more
B_tch it's time to put the math back in the Mathers
Cuz I'm a f_ckin' [problem], run boy!
Every flow, got it mastered,
So every last word, hat you f_ckin' fags heard
Comes straight from the fish's ass,
Yeah, in other words, I'm a bass-terd [bastard]
Lookin' at me like a killed Kenny, gas in the tank? Yeah still plenty
No morals, are instilled in me, so remorse, I really don't feel any
Eat your heart out Hannibal, understandable why you're jealous
F_ckin' animal, I got cannibal magnetism
Can't resist 'em now can ya hoe?
Shady, I don't understand ya flow, understand my flow
B_tch I flow, like Troy Polamalu's hair, boy
Don't you dare try to follow or compare boy
I'm raw, you ain't even medium rare, stay the f_ck outta my hair boy
You can look, you can stare, point,
But you can't touch I'm too clairvoyant
I don't get it man, is there a void,
All this weak sh_t, what are my steroids?
Well b_tch, I'm back with some sh_t for that ass,
In ya trunk elephant hemorrhoids
And remember boys...

Thank you for coming out. Hope you enjoyed the show.
Until next time... peace.

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