Lies - En Vogue feat Debbie T.


Lies, lies, using lies as alibis
Lies, lies, just a devil in disguise

(Verse 1)
It's the same game
Played in many ways
Everyone is a victim too
It's just a waste of time
Made for simple minds
So why do people insist on lies

I'll live my life a different way
Refuse to let myself become a victim
Getting caught up in the vicious web of lies

They can hurt you
And destroy you
Watch out for lies
Just a devil in disguise


(Verse 2)
The nations leaders as well as teachers
Practice lies as a way of lif, yes they do
So think before you speak
'Cause what you saw you reap
The truth will always become to light

Will we ever learn one day
That telling lies will always bring to matters
Misery and sometimes pain

(Chorus 2x)

Lies and deceit
Yes it's running real rampant
Communities suffering, yo I can't stand it
When we think of lies, we tend to think of politicians
But what about the husband, who's on a mission
Lying to his wife, he can get it on and get some
Coming back home with a dumb expression
Written on a face, that's guilty as a criminal
It's time to change your attitude
People do you hear me, don't listen
To a funky rhyme, that's kickin' knowledge that we need
We lie about our hair, and we know we got a weave
Politicians lie about the things they're gonna do
And everybody tale affects me and you
A smoker lies about the money that he stole
And a dope dealer never tells you how he got his gold
I guess what Debbie T. is really trying to say
When you break it all down, we're all the same

I'll live my life a different way
Refuse to let myself become a victim
Caught up in the vicious web of lies

Chorus & Ad-lib Until Fade

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