Destabilise - Enter Shikari

Today for the very first time
We started planning out the ultimate crime
Locking together to destroy this cold stasis
Rory C what's your thesis? 'I don't f_cking believe this'
Institutions are established and invested
Pause to ask 'are they tried and tested'?
No; just forced fed and digested.
It's about time we damn contested.

You can't stain us
You can't contain us
You cant destabilise, divide or label us

Now they're cracking under pressure from our force
Cos we know
That we don't belong here
So we're rising through the stubborn assault course
But we're stuck in the middle
And we don't belong here
Our minds our dormant and static
Don't ever respect conventional thought without reason
We need to f_cking erupt

This is the calm before the storm
One last siege to break the norm
So I can lie here on the floor beside you

No one owns the oceans
No one owns the mountains
No one owns us
No one owns us
We've all inherited this world
We need to f_cking erupt
Cos this earth is ours

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