Talk My Shit, Pt. 2 - Erica Banks feat SwerveLordd

Let's go
Ayy, I'ma talk my sh_t, ayy)

Rude lil' b_tch, I don't never take sh_t
Weak lil' ho, she don't never take d_ck
Backdoor me, I don't never take pics
You can pull up to the spot, I don't never fake sh_t
Step on your neck with no problem
Say she got b_tches on go, well, go call 'em
N_ggas got money, we kick it, we ballin'
Turn my sh_t up, she don't f_ck, but she swallow, hey
I ain't even gotta say much
Step when I see you, your clique gon' get touched
If I said it before, then believe that it's up
My n_ggas on go, they make plays in a truck, uh
Put that lil' boy on a tee
Play like you tough, put that boy in the street
Nah, we don't talk, we just hover like a hawk
Watch your man 'fore he out, make that boy go to sleep, uh
Guys just be flippin', don't be 'bout no action
Don't pay it no mind and don't pay it attention
Thought you was 'bout it, thought you was hard
Thought you was solid, so ho, why you flinchin'?
Your friend don't get back, then gon' probably attack
'Cause that 30 gon' zap and your head gon' be missin'
Hang with my n_ggas, don't call it no killers
But try us or press and them bullets be spillin', b_tch
Nah, I ain't checkin' for a b_tch
I ain't got time, I ain't checkin' for a ho
I been out the way, but I'ma make it to the play
And he gon' pull up with the K, n_gga, lay you on the floor, look
Real big dog, no stunt, b_tch
Naw, I ain't gotta run, b_tch
Real big business, make a rap ho feel it
I'ma kill it, goddamn, I'm the one, b_tch (I swerve)

Drippin' with cutters, that 30'll touch ya (Skrrt)
I spin out your block and spin back with my brothers (Ayy)
Dripset, we got this sh_t out the gutter
I just hit the b_tch, I couldn't cuff her or love her (Ayy)
B_tch, I ball hard like I play with LeBron (Let's go)
Might just flood my whole neck, diamonds yellow like mustard (Uh)
If he reach for this b_tch, we gon' burn him like Usher (Skrrt)
We gon' make a trick out you right now, you better not trust us (Hah)
N_ggas beef on the internet
Gon' have to come to pay me to go diss on a track (Let's go)
N_ggas be on the 'Gram with they big partner guns
What's gon' happen when n_ggas attack? (The f_ck?)
N_gga, I'm from the murder
Where n_ggas ain't lookin' for jobs, they look for that pack (Big Swerve)
Ayy, or if it ain't that
They be the ones come in your spot, n_gga, ask where it's at
Spin in a big-body truck
Got your ho in the front, but we move to the back of the four-door (Skrrt, skrrt)
Almost forgot I was Swerve
I thought they was plottin', but the lil' n_gga wanted a photo (I swerve)
I don't really do features with n_ggas
'Cause in reality, these n_ggas be homo (Let's go)
Say she wanna be way more than friends
I pass to Devon like I'm big Swervey Romo (Haha)
Get the bag and we flip it and tumble it
Tell my n_ggas we ain't never goin' back broke
We gon' run up the racks and don't fumble it (Okay)
Ayy, if I go do a show, gotta come with my stick
I'ma come in that b_tch like I smuggled it (Skrrt)
If he reach for the chain, he gon' get his ass hit with the stick
N_gga shouldn't've been touchin' it, yeah (Big Swerve)

(Yeah, hey, let's go)

(I swerve)

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