Detroit - Esham feat TNT

"7 Mile, Gratiot, 6 Mile, 5 Mile"

In Detroit, everybodys hungry, trying to hussle
In Detroit, nobodys got a deal with Russel
In Detroit, you'll be lucky if your not a victim of a shooting
In Detroit, crack-head zombies still prostituting
In Detroit, where the underground rap don't get played on the airwaves
Unless, pull or push, men got payed
In Detroit - b_tch, you aint even from Detroit
F_ck your rap, 7 mile is where the hustlers at
In Detroit, ain't no f_cking freestylin, ain't no time for that
Got twenty-fours on the eighty-four Regal and I'm grindin
Detroit, know my name
In Detroit, it's c_caine
In Detroit, don't play no hoe games they'll blow out your brains.

In Detroit, you can catch me on 7 mile
In Detroit, where the b_tches and n_ggas, they live wild
In Detroit, where you find the dope game is sh_tty
In Detroit, where the b_tches show assholes and titties
In Detroit, where the n_ggas and b_tches, they build cars
In Detroit, we got hoodrats and ghetto stars
In Detroit, we ain't taking no sh_t from nobody
In Detroit, we got Sammy the Bulge and John Gotti
In Detroit, we got pimps and players, hoes and macks
In Detroit, we ride Regals, Chevys, and Cadillacs
Gettin money by the stack from the rap for the crack
In Detroit, its like that, liquor stores for the blunt and
In Detroit, we got arabs that look like Bin Ladin
In Detroit, we got b_tches and n_ggas that stay plottin
In Detroit, we stay rottin, forgive but not forgotten
Potatoes stay au gratin, come close and catch a hot one

In Detroit, you can be a victim of the ghetto
In Detroit, got more rock than heavy metal
In Detroit, b_tches slide down the pole b_tt-naked
In Detroit, some real and some fake it, some snake it
In Detroit, mu'f_ckas just hope they make it
In Detroit, I can't take it, so I just wanna break sh_t
Detroit got some winners, Detroit got some losers
Detroit got the best dope-dealers and drug-abusers
And I be the rabbit-killer, the killer who kill rabbit
In Detroit they bust automatics at trailer park addicts
Across 8 mile in Detroit, you hate my style
Soopa Villain in Detroit, I'm at the top of the pile

In Detroit, got the fix for you n_ggas who broke
In Detroit, we got the weed, speed, raw, and coke
In Detroit, where the bums will rush your ass
Where the little old ladies do the hundred-yard dash
In Detroit, where the b_tches look fine as Hell
But if you slap that b_tch up, you gotta go to jail
In Detroit, we got the space-age futeristic
N_gga, check my statistics, my number is unlisted
In Detroit, where you got to be fly as Hell
With your attitude sh_tty like your sh_t don't smell
In Detroit, aim big ya got east to west
North end to the end, and down to southwest
And don't forget the HP and small ass hamtraning
I'm talking 'bout Detroit, understand it, God damn it
And if you dont know the places I called off
You probably a weak-ass n_gga from the burbs, extra soft.

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