Stuck Up - Eve

Yo Eve, where you at man
I'm tires of talkin' to this answering machine sh_t
I seen you earlier
but you know you was with them Ruff Ryder n_ggas
I ain't really f_ckin with it like that sh_t

Yo, yo n_gga if you shy move on
Only room for a thug that can hold on
Keep me right in the night, early in the morn
I need a dog that can buy it if the pressure's on
Damn I hate it when I find out that you n_ggas soft
Go run and hide for cover when the trouble starts
I like it when he stay and play his part
Ain't scared to put a slug through a n_gga's heart
Takes the best of both worlds don't discriminate
East coast, West Coast I don't playa hate
Platinum daytan on the 6-4 regulator
Big trucks in the hood, black Navigator
If you icy with the price, bring me that ring pa
Might entice me to play nicely and come and get'cha
You got a wifey, tell her nicely I'm in the picture
Cause I ain't gon struggle for long and try to get'cha

[1] - [CJ]
Come on Eve why you talking crazy and all stuck up
Why you stay tryin to play me like yo ass is tough one
My own f_ckin money ain't good enough
You got a n_gga so sick I'm bout to throw the f_ck up
But I love ya (come on ma) I need ya (understand ma) I got to have ya
Eve, Eve I'd do anything to keep ya

Yo, thinking you fly on ya next tell cell, with accumulated jewels
Smellin like you on doche, n_gga you well
Heard you ain't ready to share
How can I live with you? Icy huh?
Me standin' next to you bare, I heard your pockets knotted
But me I'm scheming on the cottage
And you a n_gga to turn his back on a b_tch
Like I ain't got it and forget that
Bratty type spoiled by the best black Caddy escalated '99 edition get that
And what you ain't equal to a shwang and I ain't with that
Not impressed by all of this is mine but we can split that
Give me all of it homebody this ain't no Kit Kat
Start me off with time couple weeks and I could flip that
What's this 50/50?
You ain't breakin' off none, ya stash is limited
I see it insufficient funds
Mad cause I don't speak but why should you disrespect
So until ya pockets swells speak to the back of my neck

[Repeat 1]

Yo, yo blonde hair must be an aphrodisiac for cats
Want me, d_ck's be harder then aluminum bat's
Flaunt me, I don't hang around with average cats
With average whips, that spend average stacks
I'm into anything but normal things
Celly rings from tha broker at the stock exchange I'm hearing that
Glacier filled chains all the haters starin' at me
Make sure I stay nice keep ya b_tches glaring at
Wave ya Rollies in the air, yea last year
Now I'm searching for the platinum iced out Cartier
Laid up in da cuts in silk Dolce underwear
Yeah baby spend that that's all I'm tryin to hear
It's funny how I used to want the richest n_ggas
Keep five on deck to see who get the quickest figures
Cause I only want the pick of the litter for this one
And now because my papers got bigger you gets none

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

(feat. CJ)

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