A Milli Freestyle - Fabolous

It's time to get money

I got a million reasons why I'm better than them, a million
Yeah, 'bout to give y'all one right now
Uh, let's get right into it
Let's go

What's really the deal-y with these silly motherf_ckers
Bunch of fake ass Milli Vanilli motherf_ckers
Yet still these motherf_ckers say they Philly motherf_ckers
But I only smoke dutches, I don't feel these motherf_ckers
They gon' pull and shoot what
No really motherf_cker, you gon' run
Probably pull your Achilles motherf_cker
N_gga please, you wouldn't pop a willy motherf_cker
You wouldn't raise the heat if you was chilly motherf_cker
I would kill these motherf_ckers
Till these motherf_ckers know that I am legend
Call me Big Willy motherf_ckers
I'm with Frank, Billy, and some West Philly motherf_ckers
And you can be a vic if you get silly motherf_cker
So if you feelin' froggy
Leap that lily motherf_cker
And I'll serve your fruity ass like wet willies motherf_cker
I'm like Obama to these silly motherf_ckers
And you n_ggas is Clinton, Hil-Billy motherf_ckers

N_gga said you n_ggas is Clinton
Hil-Billy motherf_ckers (Half these n_ggas don't even get that)
Hillary, Bill, Clint...f_ck it, they don't get it
(Let's not waste no more time)
Let's go
You know what I am right?

I am a millionaire and some Louis V millionaires
White bucket like Gilligan wear
La familia in here, don't care who over there
Red Rover, Red Rover send them b_tches over here
You can also send the waiter
Yeah, I think his name Ramon
Tell his slow ass to come on with that Grey Goose and Patron
Tryin' to get 'em in da zone..da, da, da zone
So I can pick and roll like Stockton and Malone
You smell me?
Nah baby, not my cologne
Let me be clear as some Bacardi Limon
Look it here Simone
You could call the phone
But if you ain't tryna bone
You'll be talkin' to the tone
I'm so cocky that all I wanna do is bone
I'm so rocky my last name should be Stallone
I ain't Jimmy baby, I ain't here to Jones

F_ck what you talkin' 'bout
It's Los (it's about me this time)
(Ha ha, I had to do it)
Told you n_ggas you ain't better than me
I got my long shot
(These n_ggas actin' like they better than me)
Street (Like sniper on a street we talkin' about a long shot man)
For the...d-d-damn
(Not even close baby)
Let me get back to countin' this money
And I'm out
Broke n_ggas tryna f_ck up my count

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