Bish Bounce - Fabolous

Let these n_ggas know your worth
Ain't no discounts
They ain't got it better get it
Tell a b_tch bounce
All dimes see a nine point that b_tch out
She get ejected and corrected like a miscount
B_tch bounce
Had to tell that b_tch bounce
Vinylz on the track and that b_tch bounce
B_tch bounce
Had to tell that b_tch bounce
Ass like that make that b_tch bounce

You should make more moves and make less announcements
Ain't with that talking b_tch save that for counseling
Looked in here brown skin just keep that sh_t bouncin?
All of these boys wit me bring large amounts in
All of these gold chains weigh 36 ounces
All of this foreign sh_t can't even pronounce it
Is it g-vin-chi or is it Givenchy
T- seater seats and now its a givaungy?
Top off that wrangler
You know me no stranger
Hang like a dangler, b_tch look like Topanga
That boy meet world I swear you are in danger
Its time to score I don't choke I'm no strangler
I ball
I'm ballin' my n_gga
Ball on these b_tches
Thats word to scott digga
Gimme my shot and I'm squeezing my trigga
My homies bust two and thats word to Rah Digga


Bounce up and down, need no trembling
Made it slow down, no promethazine
Run me my money, no hesitance
You no my work need no resume

Look, ain't go to say that I flex check my biceps
In your b_tch mouth like I'm gossip
That boy be so fresh to death burry me in my closet
Don't make excuse make deposit
Ain't even suppose to be here boy I come from the projects
Shawty just f_ck with my progress
I swear I came here with nothing, all this sh_t is profit
Should look at me like a prophet
And when these n_ggas throw subs It just confirm my gangsta
Scared to say my name now ain't cha
No disrespect we just on different sides of the wave
I'm providing the wave you just riding the wave, bounce



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