Mo' Cars, Mo' Hoes - Fabolous

"Mo' cars, mo' hoes" (Repeating in backround)
Yes kids.
It's 'Loso.

You know.
(I rhyme a few bars so I can buy a few cars/
Kick a few flows so I can get a few hoes/) X3
Street fiddiddiddidam.
Get that sh_t done.

Verse 1 [Fabolous]:
I get bored quick, I switch cars every five days/
It looks like a traffic jam in my driveway/
Got 'em bumper-to-bumper, they come with the lumber/
'07 and '06, I'm jumpin' the number/
She thumbin' her number, I hump her and dump her/
Make her gimme head, face like she pumpin' a jumper/
They know I'm hood rich, And I'm 'Trump' of the pumpers/
I run with the shooters, Forrest Gump with the dumpers/
Lambo Loso, flyin' Spur (Spears?)/
Gotcha b_tch on the right, she mindin' her biz/
You never seen a face fine as hers is/
Ya lame ass prolly home mindin' her kids/
Bad-ass son, say all kinda curses/
Grown daughter wear heels, and designer purses/
I prolly wheel 'em past, 20's pokin' out tires/
Your Robin William ass, playin' Mrs. Doubtfire/
You get your mouth a money transfer/
You call my phone again, I might just let ya honey answer/
House full of hoes, they call me the 'Bunny Rancher'/
The young Dennis Hoff', holla at me when it's off/

Verse 2 [Freck Billionaire]:
You need a mule for the work, n_gga I know masses/
This little b_tch name Jackie, we call her 'O-in-asses'/
And we don't use the bank n_gga, we do it old fashioned/
Right on top of the boxspring, no mattress/
King-Size, but right now, it's full of cash/
N_ggas call me the Dentist, they know I pull it fast/
I know you hatin' n_ggas, wanna let your bullets blast/
The XLR fully armored, with the bullet glass/
I got my kleats on, you never catch me slippin' black/
Red, white and blue tags, call 'em the Diplomats/
It's a fact, you would think I had Immunity/
I came from a hood n_gga, not a community/
Trump Towers, you ain't got the same room as me/
I spray ya whole click, killin' y'all in unity/
Philly Freck got more bars, more flows/(Mo' Cars, Mo' Hoes)
If it costs a quarter mill, then trust me, ya boy got it/
It cost a hundred thou, then trust me, I boycott it/
We make it rain in the club, them other dudes cheap/
I pass that paper out, sorta like it's loose-leaf/

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