Supa - Fabolous

[loso talking]
f_ck is wrong wit these n_ggas man.
out here talkin like they superman or somethin
these n_ggas aint supa n_gga

a yo you aint got a S on your chest
you aint supa n_gga
go put a vest on your chest.
dont be a stupid n_gga
hang the cape up dog
you aint supa n_gga
they put yellow tape up dog
for the stupid n_ggas

its a bird its a plane
nah thats a n_gga gettin murdered agaain
musta been stupid, absurd, or insane
they left him on a stoop,
with a third of his brain
oozin out the rite.. not me
im bringin my uzi out tonight
and if i aint got a strap
then im usually outta sight
a n_gga aint shook.. im just a believer
them shotgun lids shots
will christopher reeve ya
and n_ggas dont care if your as strong as a locomotive
i told him to do it, thas my n_gga loco motive
and he dont even noe his name
but he'll ride up cocked
and blow his brain, all over his louis lane
dont scream, lets not be a stupid woman
i'll squeeze a lil mully, or im bein super woman
cuz baby
they cant
save you
wen my
blaze you
with my
32 shots, thas enough to get you all killed
so if i was you
i'd take my ass back to smallville

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