Burnin' Up (Remix) - Faith Evans feat Missy Elliott and P. Diddy

(P. Diddy, spoken)
As we proceed to give you what you need
It's gettin' hot in here.. it's gettin' hot in here, Missy
(Missy Elliott)
Woo-Hoo, dang it's hot!
Musta been Missy comin' up in the spot
How many times ima tell you to stop
With me n Faith on the track
Artists don't wanna drop
Now c-c-come on, move your feet
Slide to the floor when ya hear this beat
Now shake it like a pro, gimme what ya got
This is gonna blow when you play it in your box
(Faith Evans)
Sometimes you can be in love and having fun and still not know what's going on
Or on the other hand you separate thinking that the feelings gone (ooooh)
Feels like forever when we're together, I know that we are destiny
So hears the last chance for the last dance, for us to bring back the dream
So baby come and rescue me (I'm burnin up)
I got some fire for you to see (I'm burnin up)
Baby come and take me there (I'm burnin up)
Trust me you should (hurry up)
baby i'm just (burnin up)
(Missy Elliott)
I'm burnin hot as a match, playin on my box
38-D's yeah that's just baby fat
Why you so upset cuz you want some _______
You brought no jimmy hat, no way don't gimme that
Yeah I want your back, so can I have your back?
Those size 12 feet explains whats in ya slacks
I know this for a fact, I love the way you mack
So can you rescue me, yo Faith where you at?
(Faith Evans)
Burnin up, hot its like burnin up
Things you do got my mind startin on fire
Burnin up, hot its like burnin up
Things you do got my mind startin on fire

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