The Bitter End - Falling In Reverse

Lost in a moment of time
Self destruct switch on
I try
But it happens the same

Here I go standing on the edge
Holding on to the bitter end
This is it this is me with the weight of the whole world on my shoulders again
As I look up to the sky
All the pain that is in my eyes
It's all the things that you don't see
But you best believe that it's haunting me

Stuck inside this f_cking mind
I will shut down
Mission abort down for the count
Stuck in a cycle
Trapped in a nightmare
Losing what matters
See if I fight fair

I'm afraid I'm afraid
This is what I can't be
Get away, get away
I just want to be happy

I set sail on a voyage unknown
Aboard a vessel that I call my soul
And I've been searching for what makes me whole
Sinking in the ocean on an empty boat

Take me home I'm lost alone

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