You Got It - Family Force 5

(Verse 1)
Bump carts in the grocery store
Spilled the display things all over the floor
But now I'm face to face with you

Couldn't believe my eyes to see
There stands and angel shopping on three
And it must be shampoo

(Pre Chorus)
Girl, you're so beautiful
Girl, I'm so pitiful
Torn up on the floor
I can't ignore ya

You break necks as you walk by
You got wings cause you're so fly
You don't even ever try
Baby you got it (you got it)

You got bang like a firework
You got flavor like a dessert
But you look good in my T-shirts
Baby you got it (you got it)

Yeah, yeah, you got it
Oh, yeah, yeah, you got it
Baby, baby girl yeah you got it (you got it)

(Verse 2)
I got a crush that's so hard core
You break my heart through the slidding doors
Oh, dolly turn around
Let me talk to you

(Pre Chorus and Chorus)

That girl, yeah she got it
Twevle on a ten-scale, mmm she's flawless
She got bang, yup she got it
Mhmm, yeah I want it


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