Basshead - Far East Movement feat YG

Give me that bass, make it bang
Boom, boom

[Verse 1]
Cruising down town with me and my crew
Girls on the sidewalk, how do you do ?
I like your bass, that's something to screw
If you're looking for a good time, follow the boom
Dip to the liquor store then to the crib
Knock on the door, damn look who it is
It's the L.A. freaks with all that base
Ain't nothing like a hoochie with an 8o8

[Hook: Far East Movement]
Pack that stump in, anything to trunk it
And girl is a basshead, let me see you pump it
Yeah, get wasted, to the, to the pavement
Let me see you pump it, girl you're a basshead
Girl you're a basshead, girl you're a bass head
Let me see you pump it girl, you're a basshead
Go girl you're a bass head, yeah you're a basshead
Let me see you pump it girl, you're a basshead

[Verse 2]
Pop, pop, fizz, fizz
Take a sip, blacked out we the cool kids
Take a hit blacked out on a cool hit
Cross-faded all day on the new sh_t
Tripping out when the bass look real fat
She got a sub that can hit like a heart attack
Oh, girl got bass, with a nice shape
Nothing like a hoochie with an 8o8


For my L.A. creep, no sleep, no tweek, just an L.A. freak
All bass, fly tweets, five highness' in the back seat
And they thumping, hell yeah, thump thumping, hell yeah
And they thumping, hell yeah, thump thumping, ya flow girl


[Verse 3]
So, so fly, face so cute,her cush-cush taste like mango fruit
Heard you looking for a baller, shot caller
She gave me her number but I'm not gonna call her
I know what you gon' to, young 2Pac I got to choose
Them boys like Dr.Seuss now get higher than a mother
Show no love for the s_ckers, I ain't never scared like no pressure
Said she love me but I don't trust her
Get rich and have four baby mothers
Yeah, get hit or get lost
I'm trynna be the same person, pushing lip gloss
Now go girl, it's hurting them hair curls


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