Damn - Fat Joe

Ma n_ggas is coke ya.
It's crackalagy.
1 on 1 n_gga.
I breed you n_ggas.
Ma sons AWWWW

[Verse 1:]
The penalty is death and im inflictin' the torch and the best of the best couldn't mess with the boogie down bronxster its heavy promo catchin beef with Joe but my man don't get caught up in these streets alone they'll be heavy choppers firin motherf_ckers is dyin n_ggas in runnin helicopters is flyin all these s_ckers is lyin tellin the feds to see me and I was just island hopin some wala tahele I think its called Fiji or summin like that get yo sh_t pushed mof_cker f_ckin with crack catch a 100 in ya cap yo brain be by ya waste line LV on this track hell of a base line remind me of the times I was servin those base lines only Puerto Rican and Harlem now that's stardom ghetto celeb I been since I was younger 100 mill strong still dyin of hunger under the chinchilla believe me the sh_ts realer this piece'll leave ya in pieces and make you sleep better the streets terror the weak better treat mena keep berrettas for these people and creep (f_ckin crazy n_ggas) crack n_gga

[Chorus: x2]
Damnnn those guys are gettin dough that's why all these gangsters come to coke we get money money ya'll got nothin for me and if you get caught n_gga don't mention Joe

[Verse 2:]
I keep hearin that's cracks tha truth real n_ggas is screamin yo Joe get back in the booth yea I do it for the n_ggas who be huggin the blocks those jack boys don't give a f_ck dumpin at cops these n_ggas crazy some more real they'll get you for everythin even yo poor war grill yes n_gga its survival out here these n_ggas don't even respect the bible out here it spirals out here cars and kings too that's the only thing this summer gon bring you I seen it all man they love it when I spit cane walk through the middle and speed with the big chain I got em' sick main look how the sh_t playin piss stain yellow pebble bezel on the wrist main you aint Pac you aint even a great actor matter a fact you is a great actor im 1 O G you need to respect specially if you don't want n_ggas to see through ya chest (yesss) I caught his momma at the face to face now she layin in St. Raymond's in section 8 n_gga (follow me now) (sh_t)

[Chorus x2]

Yeah this goes out to all the n_ggas gutter the gutter jails to jails.
All my n_ggas playin the yard right now doin pull ups pumpin this sh_t in yer headsets I love you n_ggas.

Otis Ville you know its real.
Rakas haha.
All my n_ggas holdin it down.
All my street n_ggas gangster n_ggasss.
Dope boys haha.
COOK [echo]
[Music fades out]

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